How to train core strength using GST


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How to Train Core Strength using GST.

World class athletes have very strong back and core strength.

These are critical to protect the spine under heavy load, and to move the spine/body with speed and grace.

For these athletes, the six pack abs and physique are consequences of their training. It is not the goal of their training. The abdominals or physique don’t win medals – only the movements and the quality of the movements do.

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However the pursuit of six pack abs and physical aesthetics remain the core of fitness routines, rather than spinal health and mobility.

We fail to understand the importance of our spine for power and grace in life, regardless of what we do.

For instance, the health of the lumbar spine (L1-L5) is affected by the hip flexors and hamstrings. When hip flexors and hamstrings pull on the spine and pelvis with increased force and tension, the pressure on the discs increases dramatically causing wear and tear.  With time, this may lead to disc and vertebral problems.

Extended periods of sitting, as in driving, office work, in front of the TV or  studying will cause tightness in the hip flexors and the hamstrings.   In the sitting position, the muscles are shortened and thus affects the blood circulation to the muscle and nerve activity.

Gymnastic strength training (GST) is a Bodyweight training system, developed by  Coach   Christopher  Sommer  through 40 years of experience as an Olympic level Gymnastics Coach for the USA National Junior team.The focus of GST is to build amazing strength and mobility in both muscles and connective tissues (ligaments, stabilizer muscles, bones & joints). Injuries happen mostly to the connective tissue of the joints rather than the muscles. That is one reason why a muscularly fit person can be injured if his joints are not strong and mobile.

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