How to avoid shoulder pains?


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Your shoulders’ ball-and-socket design has a great range of motion, but at the expense of stability. Such a mobile joint tends to be susceptible to injury. The shoulder can be injured by performing manual labor, playing sports, by repetitive movements and poor posture habits acquired over the years.Not surprisingly, repetitive strain injuries have become increasingly common as so many people spend long hours at their computers. Unbeknown to most, people can develop muscle imbalances from lifting weights with improper form or technique.These activities eventually put a lot of wear and tear on your shoulder muscles, tendons, and joints.Gymnastic strength training (GST) is a Bodyweight training system. It is developed by Coach Christopher Sommer through 40 years of experience as an Olympic level Gymnastics Coach for the USA National Junior team.

The focus of GST is to build amazing strength and mobility in both muscles and connective tissues (ligaments, stabilizer muscles, bones & joints). Injuries happen mostly to the connective tissue of the joints rather than the muscles. That is one reason why a muscularly fit person can be injured if his joints are not strong and mobile.

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1.     Shoulder Joint Mobility

2.     Shoulder Girdle Stabilizers activation techniques

3.     Upper body strength conditioning at the active end ranges of motion

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