Group Class Time Table


Class Description:


‘Foundation’ works around the core gymnastics elements, which are carefully designed to develop all-round strength and mobility. Each class focuses on an element, involving preparation drills and strength conditioning essential for building up towards the skill. The rotation is as follows:

F1 – Rope Climb/Hollowback Press/Straddle Planche

F2 – Front Lever/Side Lever/Manna

F3 – Single Leg Squat (Legs)


‘Mobility’ focuses on improving your overall mobility (with the end goal of achieving beautiful backbends and splits) and joint resilience. The classes work on flexibility through different stretching techniques, and layering it up with strength work to build active mobility. Prehab drills will also be done to put your joints through thorough conditioning to build up strong and mobile joints. The rotation is as follows:

SS1 – Thoracic Bridge

SS2 – Front/Side Splits

PH1 – Shoulder Prehab

PH2 – Hip Prehab


Being physically well-conditioned is key to progressing further to advanced gymnastic skills. This class is purely dedicated to building up your muscular strength and endurance in a high intensity, full body conditioning circuit. Expect to be greatly challenged through high volume/strength intensive exercises.


A fundamental gymnastic skill that builds great strength and total body control. Handstands are also super fun. Many aspects come together, including a strong core, flexible and strong shoulders, strong wrists, balance and control. Classes will utilize body line drills, shoulder and wrist work, partner work and of course, handstands. We prefer beginners to have at least a month of Foundation & Mobility experience before starting Handstand classes.


Rings are one of the toughest gymnastic apparatus to conquer. This class will focus on the basics of rings work including preparation work to build up strong joints needed to handle the demands of rings training. The simple rings routine that will greatly challenge you, yet showing you the necessary strength and mobility required for higher level rings work

Mobility Prehab

The class is focused on finding and improving specific joint mobility. Time is allocated to share information on joint limitations and how they affect movements. It’s not a movement-based class – unlike Foundation or Mobility. The goal is to help students incorporate basic joint mobility in their daily routine. This class is only for active members.


The class is designed for members who have a solid practice of the foundation and demonstrate quality of movement. Each class focuses on advanced conditioning, practicing a combination of Gymnastic elements. Press handstand and tumbling will be taught in this class. Members must be invited to attend this class.

Beginners Foundation

This class is specifically designed with complete beginners in mind. Here you will be acquainted with all the beginning progressions of the Gymnastic Fitness program we use in our Foundation classes, with time given for understanding the basic principles of correct form, alignment and terminology. Basic stretching and mobility drills will also be included and it is expected that after 2-6 months, participants will be able to integrate into our normal Foundation classes. This class does not require Fitness Assessment. New clients can book straight away. Click here to book.

All other group classes or PTs, new clients are required to come for a Fitness assessment  first.

Time tables subject to change without prior notice.