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Isaac looks great – but it is not by accident. He works hard at it.
You are what you practice daily.

This is Isaac’s story.

I started fitness since young while watching my dad fought in the national kickboxing matches (Chinese kickboxing known as Sanda). This inspired me to start kickboxing and within a year I made it to the kickboxing national team.

Isaac Tan Kickboxing

However, as I had to serve the nation (national service), I stopped  kickboxing as I could not make it for the training.

Looking good has always been a thing for me – well, who doesn’t?

While in army and polytechnic, I was in the gym almost daily, making my own food, reading magazines and surfing the net for fitness information. I started bodyweight based training while in the army.

After the army, I gained the ACE PT certificate and started working at Fitness First, as a gym instructor. The hours were long. Very often, I had to stay beyond my shift to wait for clients. In addition, I did part-time boot-camp training to supplement my income and gain more exposure.

There were times I was disillusioned with the job – and had thoughts of quitting. The long hours, low income and monthly sales target to hit – these were the realities – and I believe it is still the case for many personal trainers. Passion is not enough.

Things started to change, when I continued my education to improve my knowledge and skills. I was not adverse to seek advice from other people who had done it better. I worked myself up to be an elite trainer at Fitness First and became a freelance trainer instead. I was one of the few personal trainers, given the opportunity to teach group classes.

I am a very competitive since young and I took part in many competitions, namely,
WCG DotA (2006) World Cyber games, came in 7th
Tug of war army national  (2009) champion
Shin min arm wrestling competition (2012),came in 8th
National kickboxing (2007) 2nd position in the 70kg category
All style mix martial  (2006) 4th position in the 70kg category
Manhunt  (2013) finalist
Fitness model search (2014)

Isaac Tan Fitness Model Search

I learn a lot of things in each competition and I grew as an individual.

I am always searching how I can improve my fitness practice and teaching. I came across GST and Pilates. That’s it. I am in. It’s now 8 months since I started GST and it is by the far the most comprehensive training program. I am learning things everyday.

Reverse Hang from BodyTree GST on Vimeo.

I am self motivated. I am very much into how I can continue to learn and improve. In my free time, I listen to Tony Robbins about health, success, anything but resigning myself to mediocrity. This is the power of taking action!

My favorite quote: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results -Albert Einstein

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