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Time and again we hear rationalisations for not doing enough or being reckless in building our physical health.  Rather than list them (again!), let’s share Lily’s journey with you.

To me, Lily Tay is gregarious but underneath is one “chilli-padi”.

Chilli padi is the small red, spicy chilli used in South East Asian cuisine. It may be small but it packs a punch.

Lily is a full-time nurse, a part time group fitness instructor and she works hard to improve her physical health. How can you help others when you are not fit and strong? Professionals are often consumed with work, family, social and procrastinate on working on their health — which is the ‘heart’ of everything.

Attention and time are the 2 scarce resources in the world.  Make use of them effectively — what are the things you should be doing to achieve what you want? Have to forgo some fun and put in the hard work?

Gymnastic strength training is undeniably challenging, which makes it hugely effective. The precious time you put in will yield incredible results, which places you in the top 1% of your peers in physical health.

Read on about Lily Tay.

What is your profession?

I’m a Peri-operative nurse.

How long have you been in this profession?

That will tell you my age??

What do you like most about your job?

That it is not what the public sees on TV dramas or movies. My duties are not the ‘typical bedside’ nursing duties. I deal with operating gadgets/ instruments/equipments, which require hand dexterity (forearm, wrist and fingers mobility – strength, flexibility and control)

 What do you usually do to after your work hours?

I teach 2 BodyAttack classes and 1 BodyPump class a week; and I train at BodyTree GST.

 When did you start your fitness training?

Year 2005

What was your fitness program before prior to GST?

Group exercises and personal training for muscular endurance in commercial gyms.

How long have you been practising GST?

When Bodytree GST started in 2015

What is different with GST?

GST is not ‘mainstream’; it’s a fairly new ‘concept’ that not many people around me has heard of. Also, it’s challenging despite it being mostly body weight exercises. And, it’s Cool!

What are your objectives in fitness training?

It must not be boring and it should vary amongst the three – strength, cardio and flexibility.

What are the biggest improvements for you?


I took up GST with the intention of wanting to be able to ‘move’ because I was not stretching enough after my usual gym workout as I did not have the knowledge and (enough) discipline. After training at GST, I realised I needed more than flexibility in order to progress in a number of skills.

Lily with Coach Gregory

Also, after taking up personal training sessions, I begun to understand that what I wanted was mobility instead of being flexible. Training with Coach Gregory has definitely influenced me to see the importance of mobility in a very different perspective. Being able to do splits and pancake were bonuses which I did not set as my goals when I started GST. Of course things do not stop here, many more areas can be improved and am still training to progress further (strength included).

What do you do to chill-out?

Catching up with friends as much as I can over meals. Otherwise, catching up on my sleep or watching shows on Netflix

What genre of books do you usually read? What is the latest book you are reading?

Textbooks and manuals *JOKING*

I read non-fiction mainly biographies.

The latest book I’m reading is Stiff, written by a journalist on her encounter with cadavers

What is the motto you live by?

I tend to be a pessimist believing in fate – like ‘if it is meant to be, it will be’ or ‘everything happens for a reason’ that I live by.

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Interviewed by: Louisa Lau



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