Our Story

Born To Move

As a team of fitness enthusiasts we are always searching for more  effective methods of increasing one’s physical abilities, flexibility and mobility. We term this Strength and Mobility (SAM) Training

As individuals, we have each  spent over twenty years in various forms of SAM related training programs.

We were Born to Move.

It is our gift. It is precious. It belongs to us. It is our entitlement.

It is our SAM that keeps our body efficient and at a higher level of energy. The better we feel, the more we use our talent to produce outstanding results, in all aspects of life.

We strongly believe that each and every one of us is capable of achieving anything. This is why we work against the grain, proving time and time again. We believe in building a community of dedicated individuals who wake up everyday with the desire to conquer our limitations, resulting in friction-less, energetic lifestyles.

We are fortunate to learn from many top class coaches, and now we are coaching Gymnastic Fitness, a proven system to turn average physical abilities into astonishing results!


Meet Our Coaches



From left to right: Daniel, Bruce, Jay, ZhiQian, Gregory, Ryan