Learning Handstand

“I’ve have always wanted to do that!”

The handstand is an amazing skill and is not just available to the gymnasts. This skill is possible to learn with proper progression training, time commitment, and, most importantly, consistency.

At BodyTree GST, we follow the progressions developed by Christopher Sommer, a US National Men’s Olympics gymnastic coach – a proven method to learn this skill with quality, precision and without injuries.

Due to popular demand, BodyTree GST is organizing another Handstand Workshop for fitness enthusiasts who aim to make their training complete, and to achieve the physique like a gymnast.

What are the benefits of acquiring this skill?

  • • Build strength in the shoulders, upper back and core
  • • Improve spatial awareness
  • • Improve balance
  • • A skill which will transfer over to other training, making you a better athlete and enhancing your physique

3-Hour Workshop

During the 3-hour workshop, you will learn:

  • • Joint preparation – Learn stretches for the wrist, elbow and shoulder joint to gain mobility essential for optimal alignment in Handstand
  • • Stabilizers strengthening – Conditioning exercises to build and strengthen connective tissues to create a firm and stable support while bearing weight on the arms.
  • • Activation drills – Explore activation drills to enhance proprioception and awareness to find center and balance while being upside down on your hands.

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Check out videos of previous handstand workshops.