GB Affiliate

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BodyTree GST is proud to be the First Affiliate of GymnasticBodies in Asia.

Our development is provided by US Junior national Olympic gymnastics coach, Christopher Sommer. Strength modules are based on progressive bodyweight exercises to create long, lean, strong muscles, focusing on stretching, mobility, joint pre-habilitation, and a full-body core workout that guarantees to challenge the strongest athlete.

Coach Christopher Sommer, founder/CEO of GymnasticBodiess, has been a developmental National Team Coach in the USA for nearly 40 years. Through refining hundreds of champions, coach Sommer has taken the core of what makes Olympic gymnasts strong and broken it down step by step from the most basic to the most impressive feats of strength.

BodyTree GST’s history with GymnasticBodies (GB)

We attended Coach Sommer’s first GB seminar in March 2014 in Singapore. After the two days, we knew we have discovered another level of strength and mobility training, unlike others. We found a system, based on gymnastic strength training (GST) that not only addresses imbalances that everyday adults have developed from the modern day lifestyle, but also the imbalances one might developed  from certain sports and fitness regime.

GST embodies a complete and well thought out approach to teaching everyday adults for incredible growth in strength and mobility.

Simply, the best, most effective gymnastic strength training in the world.

We started practicing gymnastic strength training (GST) during our spare time.

Daniel realized how effective GST is – helping him elevate his strength, mobility and endurance – beyond what he has acquired from his previous training.

In Daniel’s words:

“I thought I was reasonably strong and flexible. But after I did Coach Sommer’s seminar I discovered many neglected weaknesses. GST has changed my life and has enhanced not only my strength & mobility but also my understanding of Pilates (Daniel and LayYong are both Pilates teachers). After all, the creator of Pilates was a gymnast and an acrobat.”

For  LayYong, GST is helping her build strength in critical areas  where she had sustained injuries from her previous desk bound corporate life. It is her personal mission to help executives build more strength and mobility, to avoid developing physical aches and pains.

A few months after the 2014 GB seminar, we mooted the idea to open a new studio to offer gymnastic strength training – primarily there is no other studio doing the same, and secondly to share with others our love of the work.

The goal was to have a studio available and ready in 2015. Well, we made it.

In Jan 2015, we opened BodyTree GST and became the first GB affiliate in Asia. In line with GB, our focus is on helping individuals to achieve their physical training goals through the proper execution of gymnastic strength elements.

We, at BodyTree GST want to be part of your journey – in achieving greater strength and mobility, higher levels of energy and power in life and be an inspiration.

In the words of Coach Sommer:

Be patient.

Be consistent.